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REPORT: Eastern Conference team wants to TRADE for Josh Anderson 'BAD'

Published November 26, 2022 at 2:29 PM

The Montreal Canadiens traded for Josh Anderson on October 6th 2020, from the Columbus Blue Jackets to Montreal Canadiens for Max Domi and round 3 pick in the 2020 draft (Samuel Knazko).

They immediately signed him to a 7 year deal with an AAV of $5,500,000.

Josh Anderson is the prototypical power forward, he is 6'3, 218lb and makes his presence felt in front of the net. He is having a bit of a down season with the Montreal Canadiens, only scoring 5 goals and 7 points through the first 19 games, but he can bring more to a lineup than just points, his physical presence is valuable as well.

When the Montreal Canadiens announced they were going to be entering a rebuild, many teams were calling the Habs about this power forward, but they felt the trade offers were not good enough at the time.

It was announced right before the 2022 NHL Draft, that the New Jersey Devils were very interested in Anderson and it was even rumoured that the 2nd overall pick that was eventually used to select Simon Nemec, was in play for the power forward.

It's now being reported by the podcast host Tony Marinaro, that the Devils General Manager Tom Fitzgerald wants Anderson bad.

One team that wants him badly, and I mean badly, because I'm sure there's a couple of teams that would take him. The New Jersey Devils want Josh Anderson badly

The Devils just came off a 13 game win streak and are providing to be a real force this season with all their young talent, and what's incredible is the amount of young talent that is still not in the lineup, which means if they want to improve their roster right now, they definitely have assets to trade.

«They're not trading Jack Hughes and they're not trading Nico Hischier. I don't know how much they'd be willing to give up, but they have some players that are not on this team right now. I'm talking about defenseman Luke Hughes, Simon Nemec, Alexander Holtz, They want Josh Anderson badly, and it doesn't mean you have to do a ‘one-vs-one' deal. You can spice it up by throwing in other players or other picks, but I can tell you right now, based on what I'm hearing, that the Devils want Anderson badly.
-Tony Marinaro

Personally I feel like Luke Hughes is not going anywhere. The future of the New Jersey Devils is Jack Hughes and he was beyond excited when he saw his brother get drafted to his team, but former 7th overall pick Alexander Holtz and 2nd overall pick Simon Nemec would definitely be something that would interest the Habs.

Obviously a one-for-one deal is not going to work or it would have been done at the draft, this is definitely something that can get done that will improve both the Devils and the Habs.
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REPORT: Eastern Conference team wants to TRADE for Josh Anderson 'BAD'

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