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Police Begin Investigation Into Player That Purposely Broke Refs Arm

Published December 19, 2023 at 5:01 PM

A crazy play happened weeks ago that saw a player appear to intentionally hit a referee, and now it appears the police will be investigating the manner.

Player Lays Hit on Referee Which Lands Him Over Year Suspension

Roughly a month ago, Casper Gillberg appeared to lay a monster hit on a referee during a Swedish 5th Tier Hockey League game. While Gillberg said the hit was accidental after the game and the referee was getting in the way the entire game, he was handed a suspension until December 31st, 2024, a suspension over 1 year.

Here is the video of the initial hit. The referee was taken to hospital and determined to have broken his arm on the play

Policy Investigating the Hit Which Could Result in Assault Charge

In a new update from, the Police have gotten involved in the incident as the injured referee reported the incident. They also explained how the charges could be classified as assault.

"From the beginning, the plaintiff thought it was a pure accident. But after seeing clips from the incident, he chose to report it to the police because he didn't think it looked like an accident." - Preliminary investigation leader Marcus Hoppe at the Motala Police

"We have access to the video material from the match. We will interview the claimant to get a better picture of the incident. Then we have to make an assessment as to whether we should proceed with the case and summon the suspect for questioning."

Clearly, there will need to be updates to the situation as the police investigation gets underway.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Police Now Investigating After Hockey Player Injures Referee with Big Hit"
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Police Begin Investigation Into Player That Purposely Broke Refs Arm

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