Phil Kessel Opens Up About His Feelings On Free Agency Exactly As You'd Expect

Published November 2, 2023 at 2:28 PM
In the most Phil Kessel way, Kessel recently opened up about his journey being a free agent to start the season in a recent interview with the Athletic.

Kessel Stays Chill During Contract Negotiations

Phil Kessel is one of the bigger remaining question marks when it comes to huge additions that a team could still make. The free agent has been reportedly close to getting a deal done on several occasions, yet remains unsigned. Recently, he opened up about his feelings on the negotiations in an interview with the Athletic.

Obviously I'm a little surprised I haven't got anything, but it is what it is, right?

While many free agents would be starting to worry at this point, Kessel seems to be as cool as ever, just letting life make the decisions. This is exactly as you'd expect from him, being one of the more laid-back players in the NHL.

Kessel Close to Hitting Major NHL Milestone If He Can Play This Year

Kessel has been adamant in his contract discussions that he just wants to continue to play hockey. The 36-year-old currently holds the longest iron-man streak in the NHL, and would be set to hit another major milestone if he can play this year; joining the 1,000-point club.

Phil Kessel's Career

1275 Games
— 412 Goals
— 574 Assists
— 986 Points
— Bill Masterton
— 2x Stanley Cups

In his tenure in Toronto, he was 5th in the NHL in goals

Since 2009, he's 2nd in snap-shot goals behind Ovi.

He's 14 points away from 1,000

HoF? Or Hall of Very Good...

While this isn't likely the main factor in his desire to continue playing, it is probably a small part of keeping his fire lit. Any team would benefit from having Kessel's scoring ability and Stanley Cup pedigree on their roster, however, it likely comes down to numbers and cap space, which nearly all teams are running out of.

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Phil Kessel Opens Up About His Feelings On Free Agency Exactly As You'd Expect

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