Ovechkin accused of getting an NHL employee black balled

February 25, 2022  (10:31)

It's a common trend right now to call out Alex Ovechkin, and over the last 36 hours that's exactly what the media has done. Most of the requests have been to try and speak to The Great 8 about his political affiliations, but truthfully that's truly not important. Political support doesn't extend to every decision made by a leader and it's not Ovechkin's job to explain the decisions of a Dictator.

But at least one reporter is taking his beliefs to heart and he decided to go hard at Ovechkin. Slava Malamud, used to be an NHL employee and he helped construct NHL content in Russian while also covering the Capitals, but at some point over the past 8-years that's changed and he blames only one person for that, Alex Ovechkin.
Malamud took to Twitter yesterday with the following quotes:
A f***ing coward. He was always a f***ing coward. He will d** a f***ing coward.
He was a f**ing coward back when he got me black-listed by the NHL and then lied to my face about it. He is still one. Can't even own up to his words.
A despicable fucking coward. His ONLY legacy.

Ovechkin is a despicable person and a coward. He was basking in his adulation of Putin when he knew he could hide behind @CapitalsPR, his guard dog @SergeyKocharov and stock phrases about "I am not politic." It was safe then. Now, when I am no longer the only one asking, he hides.

They are frantically writing more non-answers for him. They are thinking up excuses. They will want you believe that his family is held hostage. Nobody held his family when he fronted Putin's campaign. Nobody forced him to support the 2014 invasion. It's all lies. Everything.

The Capitals want to protect their brand. They think it will all blow over some day, and meanwhile there is still a shit ton of jerseys to sell and records to hype. Their star has blood on his hands. This is one thing they don't want you to talk about. TALK ABOUT IT.'

I've been screaming about this for 8 years. I've been urging Western media to take a look at Ovechkin and the damage he has done.
I have been ignored, insulted, threatened. My livelihood was taken away from me. @SergeyKocharov, Ovechkin's lapdog, had me banned from the arena

The @Capitals strong-armed the NHL into black-listing me. All the while, I have been saying the same thing: Ovechkin is not who you think he is. He is a dictator's lickspittle who has actively encouraged the invasion all the way back in 2014. Do you believe me now?
This could simply be a former employee trying to jump on the blame Ovechkin train, but hopefully we get to hear from Ovechkin in the next couple days so we can put all these silly narratives to rest.