Nicklas Backstrom Breaks the Silence on His Health Issues in New Interview

Published September 14, 2023 at 9:47 PM


Washington Capitals Center Nicklas Backstrom is back on the ice for informal skates before the official training camp. This looks to be the first normal start for him since the 2019-20 season. In recent years, he faced hip injuries and a delayed season due to the pandemic. Backstrom provided this update with Elliot Segal of Elliot in the Morning on Thursday morning .

"[My hip is] good,» Backstrom said flatly. «I'm kinda tired of that question. "

Hoping For A Strong Start

Last season wasn't great for Backstrom. In 39 games, he scored only 21 points. The Capitals didn't perform as well overall when he last played, but having a healthy Backstrom will certainly help. Joining midseason is challenging, hence his excitement about starting the year in the training camp with the rest of his team. The Capitals' general manager, Brian MacLellan, remain cautiously optimistic about Backstrom's return.

"I Don't Know How Much Better It's Going to Get"

«I think he's deserved a chance to see what he can do in the offseason and come into camp and see where he's at health-wise. It's a major surgery, so I don't know that anybody knows exactly where he's going to be.»

Despite the concerns, Backstrom participated in Brynas's "Black and White" game and began skating in DC. The Capitals' training camp starts on September 20.

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Nicklas Backstrom Breaks the Silence on His Health Issues in New Interview

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