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NHL Investigating Scary Near-Death Incident With Coyotes Star

Published December 16, 2023 at 1:56 PM

Back in November, fans witnessed a scary incident unfolding on the ice in Dallas, as Coyotes' star Jusso Valimaki received a puck to the face. He was quickly transported to a hospital in Dallas.

Some disturbing details emerged concerning what happened next.

Disturbing Details in Valimaki's Gruesome Injury


We learned that he waited in the hospital for hours before receiving 55 stitches.

On top of that, he was suggested to leave the hospital and go to a hotel while he waited for his surgery.

However, that could've killed him.

»Doctors later told Valimaki that if he had returned to a hotel and slept it off as directed by the hospital, there was a chance he could have asphyxiated on his own blood.»

The NHLPA confirmed that they're doing an investigation to shed light on what happened.

Updates and details will come.
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NHL Investigating Scary Near-Death Incident With Coyotes Star

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