NHL Insider Reveals That the Chicago Blackhawks Might Be Open To a Trade Involving Prospects

Published November 26, 2023 at 4:29 PM
This NHL insider just revealed that with Taylor Hall out, they might be open to taking on bad contracts if it involves a nice sweetener for them in the long term.

Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek Discuss The Potential For Chicago To Take On Bad Contracts For Long Term Success

The Chicago Blackhawks were a question mark coming into the season. While there weren't super high expectations for the team, the pickup of Taylor Hall and incoming Connor Bedard gave some fans hope that they might be able to compete for a playoff spot.

Now, with Taylor Hall out for the season, NHL insiders Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek have revealed that they may be willing to take on bad contracts if it furthers their rebuild.

Marek: «Can the Chicago Blackhawks now play Kingmaker? We talked about negotiating from a position of strength and Kent Hughes picking up first round draft picks, etc. You know, you're the Chicago Blackhawks now and you've met this news about Taylor Hall.

What now if you're Chicago? Are you all of a sudden open for business? We'll take your bad deals, we'll also take your prospects and your pics.

Chicago Blackhawks Are on The Verge Of Being Great and Could Use This Year To Bolster Rebuild

The Blackhawks aren't likely to be a playoff team this year, sitting at the bottom of the Central Division. However, its clear that they are on the verge of taking their competitiveness to the next level, with Connor Bedard at the helm.

Losing veteran Taylor Hall this year means that it is unlikely anything materializes in terms of playoff potential. It could now be worth it for GM Kyle Davidson to look at taking on some bad contracts in exchange for more picks and prospects, bolstering the team for future success with Bedard at the helm.

No Taylor Hall.
No Corey Perry.
No Andreas Athanasiou.

Will #Blackhawks assess trade market to stabilize forward group? GM Kyle Davidson addresses:

It's clear that the Blackhawks have a long way to go in their rebuild, however, they are coming up in the league's rearview really quickly.

As seen on NHL Rumors - "NHL Rumors: Will the Chicago Blackhawks take on bad contracts if sweeteners attached?"
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NHL Insider Reveals That the Chicago Blackhawks Might Be Open To a Trade Involving Prospects

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