McDavid Reveals The Way He Cheated in Youth Hockey

Published July 10, 2023 at 7:58 PM

Connor McDavid is world-renowned for his incredible skill in the sport of hockey, and very few don't consider him the best hockey player in the world. While you'd assume nothing but a squeaky-clean record from the soft-spoken captain of the Oilers, he's now come out with a huge revelation about his past.

McDavid Lied About His Age

That's right, Connor McDavid might not be as perfect as we once thought.

McDavid revealed in an interview that his parents lied about his age when he was younger so that the young McDavid could play hockey with older kids.

"I was four when my parents signed me up for house league in Newmarket. They lied about my age so I could play." - Connor McDavid

While it may not be as egregious as other forms of cheating, it does still technically count as breaking the rules.

McDavid's Mom Weighs In

Connor's mother, Kelly McDavid, shared her side of the story. The superstar's mother shared her frustration with the process and defended her actions.

«It was a bit frustrating because he missed the cutoff by 13 days. We told him, ‘If they ask for your birth certificate, we'll have to tell them,' but they never did.» - Kelly McDavid

Most parents would likely have done the same thing for their kid, especially when they possessed the talent that McDavid does. Who knows, maybe he would've never turned out to be the player he currently is if they hadn't let him lie about his age.

As Seen on Markerzone - Connor McDavid Shares the Way He Cheated as a Young Hockey Player
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McDavid Reveals The Way He Cheated in Youth Hockey

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