McDavid Loses in Beer League Final

Published August 20, 2023 at 9:03 PM

Imagine you had Connor McDavid on your beer league team, and you still lost. That's how this team feels today.

Dream Beer League Teammate

If you asked 1000 beer league hockey players who they would like to add to their team if they could I'd make a safe bet that a vast majority would say Connor McDavid.

That exact scenario happened this week for one beer league team. They managed to get McDavid on their team to play in the championship game.

Not Quite Enough

And, you'd think with the best player in the NHL on your team, you'd have a pretty great shot at winning the championship too. But that wasn't the case. Team "Blue" with McDavid was trounced by their opponent "Red" 9-4. Though, "Red" had their own secret weapon in Quinton Byfield.

Either way, what an insane memory and experience for anyone who got to play in that championship game.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "McDavid blown out by beer leaguers in championship game!"
August 20   |   139 answers
McDavid Loses in Beer League Final

If you could have any NHLer on your beer league team, who would you take?

McDavid7755.4 %
Matthews107.2 %
MacKinnon2920.9 %
Other2316.5 %
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