Maple Leafs Embarrassed by Taylor Swift in Toronto

Published August 8, 2023 at 8:41 PM

With Taylor Swift set to take the stage in Toronto during hockey season, it is clear that Leaf fans are looking elsewhere for their entertainment.

Swifties Over Leafs Faithful

The recent announcement of her ERAs Tour coming to Toronto has shocked the City into a mad frenzy of trying to get tickets for the number one show in town. Unfortunately for the Leafs, this is right during the start of their season, November 14-16 and 21-23, in 2024.


The Leafs haven't had that sort of excitement for many years. While it is still exclusive to get season tickets to the Toronto Maple Leafs, most fans are turning sour on the gatekeeping. This is troublesome, considering it used to be something to brag about to have season tickets, and people would view it as a privilege to even get a paid spot in line to be considered.

Could Success Change the Leafs Tune?

Maybe, if the Leafs didn't put up such a disappointing performance in the second round last season, Leaf fans would be more excited for the upcoming season. With the disappointment, though, feelings towards the 2023-24 campaign seem to be much of the same.

Not to mention, when Swift comes to town, she brings with her the Taylor Swift curse. Teams have notoriously struggled after Taylor packs up and leaves town. Hopefully, that curse doesn't travel down Bremner Boulevard to Scotia Bank Arena.

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Maple Leafs Embarrassed by Taylor Swift in Toronto

Which Leafs player is most likely to attend the Taylor Swift Concert?

Mitch Marner8255.4 %
Auston Matthews4933.1 %
John Tavares85.4 %
Other96.1 %
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