Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman John Klingberg warming up before an away game.
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Major Injury News Regarding Toronto Maple Leafs Defenseman John Klingberg

Published January 31, 2024 at 9:24 PM

A new report has provided a major update on the recovery of Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman John Klingberg from his major injury. The news shared by a trusted source creates a lot of hope for Klingberg's future.

Maple Leafs Reporter Gives Major News Regarding Klingberg's Injury

Today a new report from Toronto media member David Alter provided a massive update on John Klingberg. According to Alter, Klingberg is now in the recovery process and on schedule to make a comeback.

"Well, nothing changed in terms of him being ready for this season, but what is changed is he is on the road to recovery now. John Klingberg had a bilateral hip resurfacing procedure done earlier this month in New York.

While he says Klingberg is in recovery he also was able to give a timeline that paints a more full picture for Klingberg's career. The update might not be what Maple Leaf fans want to hear.

Klingberg's Recovery Timeline Has Been Revealed

As Alter continued he talked about the timeline for Klingberg to be back in playing shape. He compared the recovery to two recent cases Patrick Kane and Jesse Puljujarvi.

He's now working back towards what will be a long recovery process, kind of similar to the procedures that were done Patrick Kane and Jesse Puljujarvi before they return to pro hockey this year.

And so for Klingberg, there's some uncertainty. He was only on a one year deal with the Leafs, so he will be a free agent this summer.

But he's a player that is going to try to work his way back once he gets to full health."

If this truly ends up being a correct timeline Klingberg will not return until well into next season. This would mean the Toronto Maple Leafs would need to re-sign Klingberg for him to have a chance at playing in Toronto again.

Depending on your thoughts about Klingberg's play with the Maple Leafs opinions could vary. As Klingberg's recovery ramps up this summer, the rumors of his comeback and next destination will likely heat up as well.

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Major Injury News Regarding Toronto Maple Leafs Defenseman John Klingberg

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