Mackenzie Weegar Gets Brutally Honest About Playing in Calgary

Published August 21, 2023 at 9:58

Flames' Attraction Challenges

The last year and a half has been tough for the Calgary Flames, marked by the departure of key players like Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk. This has spotlighted a significant challenge faced by the organization.

Playing in Canada Undesirable to Some


It's becoming increasingly evident that numerous players hesitate to sign with Canadian teams. Factors such as high taxes, media scrutiny, the weight of expectations, and even the cold climate play into this. Radko Gudas' recent decision to avoid signing in Canada encapsulates this sentiment. As a result, Canadian franchises often miss out on top-tier free agents.

In a candid revelation, one of Flames' stars has detailed the particular challenges associated with attracting talent to Calgary.

Weegar's Perspective

Having joined the Flames last summer, Mackenzie Weegar emerged as a valuable player as the season progressed. Weegar, while expressing his genuine sentiments about playing for Calgary, also highlighted the difficulties in recruiting players willing to move north.

"For me, the turnover, it doesn't really affect me," Weegar said. "All that matters is the guys that want to be here and guys that want to win here in Calgary, and if you don't want to be a part of it, unfortunately, you have to move on even if they're great friends and great guys. For me, you want to win, and I think we want to win now. It starts with Craig and Husk at the helm."

However, Weegar emphasizes the importance of concentrating on players genuinely interested in being a part of the Flames' journey, rather than those hesitant.

"There's lots of rumors of guys not wanting to be here or guys staying. To be honest, I kind of keep my head out of it and my nose out of it. I just want guys that want to be here,"

Facing a potential future with six of their players heading for UFA status and with prospects like Noah Hanifin and Elias Lindholm as possible trade options, the Flames' management has its work cut out in the upcoming months.

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Mackenzie Weegar Gets Brutally Honest About Playing in Calgary

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