MAJOR: David Perron Expected To Fight The NHL on His Suspension

Published December 12, 2023 at 10:45

During the game between the Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings on December 9th there was a melee of violent action. Detroit captain Dylan Larkin was knocked out from a scary and unfortunate play, but the ramifications of that play lead to an equally scary incident. In seeing his fallen teammate David Perron cross checked Ottawa Defensemen Artem Zub in the head. He was given a match penalty.

Aftermath of the Detroit and Ottawa game

Once the game was over the NHL Department of Player Safety tweeted this out

As a result of the hearing, David Perron was suspended for six games

Since the amount of games was over five, David Perron had the ability to appeal the decision, which the NHLPA is going to do.

Perron's history and Agents response

David Perron has never been suspended, but he has been fined once for cross-checking in May 2022

It is very surprising for Perron to have so many games when players first suspended usually get under five games. He will likely get a reduced amount of games in the end.

David Perron's agent Allan Walsh took to twitter on Monday to express his displeasure with the suspension and how the NHL Department of player safety operates under George Parros.

It is clear that players are frustrated with ruling from NHL Player Safety. Agents, media members, and hockey fans have also called into question many rulings.
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MAJOR: David Perron Expected To Fight The NHL on His Suspension

Will David Perron get his suspension amount reduced?

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No3351.6 %
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