Jakub Voracek Hilariously Roasts Fan on Twitter

Published July 14, 2023 at 7:04 PM

Embarrassing Story Involving Voracek

A very funny moment was shared earlier today on Twitter involving Jakub Voracek.

BarDown asked on Twitter the simple question: "What's a random interaction that you've had with an NHL player?"

A user responded with an embarrassing story about Jakub Voracek.

"Tried taking a selfie with Jake Voracek, and he gave me a stare, either confused or annoyed." - CFlo_76

Here's what the player replied:

"I want to know when and where because I'm busy with kids or hammered. I always do that for people. So either you're lying or I was drunk." - Voracek

Voracek Roasts Fan

The user sent a picture, proving what he had said earlier.


His answer is pretty funny! Here it is:

"Hahahahahah. Fair enough. I was probably dying out there😂"

Voracek will try to start on the right foot in Arizona, especially with the fans! We don't know if it's the end of the story, but we hope he reaches out to finally take a picture with the fan!

As reported on Markerzone - Voracek Roasts Fan Who Shared Embarrassing Story on Social Media
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Jakub Voracek Hilariously Roasts Fan on Twitter

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