Jack Hughes Motivational Speech Goes Horribly Wrong

Published August 8, 2023 at 8:41 PM

Some athletes are natural born leaders. While some lead through example others lead through their motivational speeches. Today Jack Hughes showed that his leadership relies more likely on example than awe inspiring speeches.

Hughes Gives Shocking Motivational Speech


While at a beach Jack Hughes came across a group about to play a beach volleyball game. He decided it was his opportunity to give a rousing pregame speech to the young women about to play. While Hughes and the group seem to be having fun the speech can only be described as rough at best. The following is part of the speech brought forward by Hughes.

This is what it comes down to, heart, not boobs. It comes down to heart.

Devils Leadership of The Future

While Jack Hughes will likely be one of the captains going forward in New Jersey they luckily have Nico Hischier. By many accounts, Hischier is considered a very good leader in that locker room.
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Jack Hughes Motivational Speech Goes Horribly Wrong

Will Jack Hughes break 100 points in 2023-24?

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