Gordie Howe's Grandson Continues Fighting Spree In the AHL

Published November 13, 2023 at 1:05 PM
Gordie Howe's Grandson is doing his part in keeping the Howe name synonymous with toughness, as he continues his fighting spree in the AHL.

Howe Gets in Second Fight in As Many Games In the AHL

Travis Howe is making his own name in the AHL as being one of the toughest guys in the league. He's not shy about dropping the gloves and recently started a streak of two fights in two games when he dropped the mitts with Keaton Middleton of the Colorado Eagles.

Travis Howe and Keaton Middleton drop the gloves! Two fights in two games for Travis Howe 👊🏼 #AHL #HockeyFight #Enforcers

Howe and Middleton's fight was a spirited tilt that saw neither really get the upper hand. While the two tough guys traded blows, they eventually got tangled up and fell to the ice together. It's unclear if either landed any of the big shots they threw.

Howe Has Been Making a Name For Himself as a Fighter in the AHL

Howe is not shy about dropping the gloves, and many of his fights are old-school fights where he squares up with his opponent rather than dropping the gloves in the heat of the moment. This type of fighting is getting rarer in professional hockey, however, Howe seems to want to keep the tradition going.

Travis Howe and Alex Gallant with some rock em sock em action in this tilt!!!! #AHL #Enforcers

Throwing haymakers and hugging it out.

All in a day's work for Travis Howe

Ian McKinnon of the Firebirds found a dance partner in San Diego's Travis Howe. Long, fair fight and you can see the respect for each other at the end

Howe has already racked up 26 penalty minutes in 9 games to start the season. It is clear that he is finding himself a role as an enforcer in the AHL.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Gordie Howe's grandson in yet another on-ice brawl"
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Gordie Howe's Grandson Continues Fighting Spree In the AHL

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