General Manager Caught Lying On Live TV Following Scandalous Move

Published November 12, 2023 at 8:39 PM
This General Manager just got caught up in a lie after firing his head coach, and now it appears his franchise is in full-blown crisis mode.

Ken Holland Caught Lying During Press Conference After Firing Head Coach

Today's decision by Ken Holland and the Edmonton Oilers to fire head coach Jay Woodcroft was not a surprising one. The Oilers are digging themselves a deep hole with the horrendous start to the year they have had, one that will be difficult to get out of and into the playoffs. All the while, many had this Oilers team pegged as a potential Stanley Cup Champion.

It was obvious that a shakeup was needed in Edmonton, and the Coach is usually the first to go. What was eyebrow-raising, though, is how the press conference went afterwards. GM Ken Holland was caught in a lie, saying he consulted the players on the decision, while Oilers President Jeff Jackson immediately said that wasn't the case.

Are they not saying the exact opposite of each other?

The contradictory responses are the worst look possible for the Oilers right now. Not only does it exacerbate that they are in crisis mode, but it also looks like the executive isn't on the same page in getting the team out of it.

Fans Speculate That The Decision to Fire Woodcroft Was to Keep McDavid Happy and in Edmonton

The decision to get rid of the head coach is generally an easy one to make when the team is struggling. However, many fans are speculating that because the Oilers chose to bring in McDavid's former OHL coach, they are doing all of this just to keep him happy and in Edmonton in the long term.

Hearing the new EDM coach will be Kris Knoblauch from AHL Hartford. He coached Connor McDavid at OHL Erie

They're trying so hard to stop McDavid from leaving 😭

This makes zero sense, the guy who represented McDavid for years, didn't talk to the best player in the game, or any other star players prior to hiring a Mcdavid‘s former junior coach. You didn't discuss with your captain and your franchise? 👌👌👌

Oilers' new head coach Kris Knoblauch will have his work cut out for him in the coming weeks in Edmonton.
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General Manager Caught Lying On Live TV Following Scandalous Move

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