Gary Bettman Threatens NHL Owner

Published November 17, 2023 at 6:32 PM
After months of speculation and reports, the Ottawa Senators were finally sold to Michael Andlauer recently, but it's safe to say that his first few months in charge have been an absolute nightmare.

A terrible start to life as the Ottawa Senators owner


In that time, Andlauer has had to fire a General Manager, lose a player to a gambling related suspension, see his team underperform to expectations and be stripped of a first round pick for the former regime's failure.

Early in his tenure, he made an interesting comment, asking why he inherited this mess. and it appears as though his comments on the situation have drawn the attention of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Gary Bettman throws a subtle threat at the new Senators boss

During a recent media appearance, Bettman was asked about the situation, and sent a clear, pointed threat towards the new Senators owner.

Maybe on reflection, Michael will be, if he's not already, more comfortable with the way things were handled.

This sounds like someone quietly threatening an owner to put up with what happened and shut up and deal with it, and given the NHL's handling of several issues over the years, it appears the new Senators boss has absolutely nothing else but that to do.

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Gary Bettman Threatens NHL Owner

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