Former NHL'er Guillaume Latendresse trash talks Gallagher after his Tim Stutzle comments

Published April 7, 2022 at 3:47 PM

Things are getting heated on social media after former Montreal Canadiens, now podcaster Guillaume Latendresse blasted Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher on 89.5 fm with Maxim Lapierre after Gallagher's comments about Ottawa Senators forward Tim Stutzle.

Gallagher spoke with the Canadiens media after their game vs the Senators and heavily criticized Tim Stutzle for laying on the ice when he's not hurt just to jump up and be fine on the powerplay.

Here's what Latendresse had to say,

"I don't think Stutzle is lucky anyway. I don't think he "faked out" on the sequence. I don't like Gallagher putting all the light on him.

"We saw him this weekend (Saturday), he's not in the lineup and he's tweeting about a disallowed goal decision. Now Tuesday he's in his media availability talking about Stützle. He's insulting a future young star of the National League. I don't think that's his role and I don't think it's Brendan Gallagher's role to do that.

"I think he missed a good chance to shut up and not say anything. You don't have to go public with things like that. You get your message out on the ice to the kid, if he's tired of it or if it bothers him, but I don't think that's the place. It doesn't show leadership to me."

Is Stutzle the only one in the league who does this?

"For sure there are some and I've been part of it a few times. I've done it two or three times...I was doing it to change the momentum and I was willing to sacrifice my image to help my team. It had nothing to do with my personal stats, because I wasn't going to play on the power play.

"In Stützle's case, it's a different matter because it puts him right where he wants to be: on the power play. I can understand his mentality a little bit. I played in Europe. It's not the same mentality as here. It's kind of like soccer. They're big soccer fans over there... Hockey players too. And they're inclined to do that naturally." -Maxim Lapierre

It's not a win-win situation for anyone, Latendresse said.

"Stützle makes everyone look bad. The referee gets evaluated on his performance, on the decisions he made or didn't make. If he misses plays because of players diving or gives too many penalties to players who dive, it makes him look bad. It makes the hooking player look bad...It makes Stützle look bad...You have nothing to gain by doing that."

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Former NHL'er Guillaume Latendresse trash talks Gallagher after his Tim Stutzle comments

Did Stutzle fake being hurt?

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