Former NHLer Accuses The Blackhawks Of Another Serious Crime

Published December 11, 2023 at 11:57

This former NHLer has released a new book that makes some serious claims about his relationship with his former team, revealing how they broke the rules.

Tootoo Reveals Potential Collusion with Blackhawks in Recent Book

Jordin Tootoo has had a successful post-NHL career as an author, writing My Life on the Ice in 2014, and has followed up with a second book called Mind Over Matter.

A page out of his new book is going viral, though, as it reveals what many suspects happen in the NHL. The story that Tootoo tells is how he didn't want to be sent down to the Minors, so he asked to be placed on LTIR. The Blackhawks, the team he was playing for at the time, only requested an MRI to be done to do so, and didn't talk to him the rest of the season.

I'm sure the NHL isn't too thrilled with this page in Jordin Tootoo's latest book

Tootoo Reveals a Troubling Problem With LTIR While on Blackhawks

This doesn't come as a massive surprise to anyone who is a hockey fan, as it seemed to be that teams would take advantage of LTIR to put themselves in a better position. While in this case, it was to simply allow Tootoo to stay with his family, it does open up questions about whether the Blackhawks were doing similar things to avoid the Cap limit.

Everyone knows this is why LTIR exists and how it's exploited every season. It's also why the extremely long deals coming out of the lockout were signed without a second thought and why the NHL are hypocrites for punishing teams retroactively for signing players to long term deals under contracts that the NHL approved.

Robidas Island is real and it's located in Arizona.

The NHL or the Blackhawks have yet to issue a response, and we will see if they start cracking down on LTIR moves in the future.

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Former NHLer Accuses The Blackhawks Of Another Serious Crime

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