Insider Reveals Two Teams Sidney Crosby May Leave Pittsburgh For

Published December 10, 2023 at 7:49 PM

There have been rumblings that Sidney Crosby may not retire a Pittsburgh Penguin and there are two different teams he may sign with before he retires.

Crosby May Not Retire A Penguin

The name Sidney Crosby is synonymous with the Pittsburgh Penguins for good reason. Since being selected first overall in 2005, Crosby has gone on to lead the Penguins to three Stanley Cups and has registered over 1500 points with the team.

While most of his prime was taken away due to injury, many still consider him the best player of his generation and despite being 36, Crosby is still producing at an elite rate. He is currently on for over 47 goals and over 80 points and is still easily the Penguins' best player.

He currently has this year and next on his current contract and there are rumors that Crosby may leave the Penguins in favor of a few other teams.

The Possibilities Of Colorado Or Montreal

The idea of Crosby in any jersey other than a Penguins jersey seems preposterous but we could always see it happen. Montreal is mentioned as a potential destination and they make sense as they were Crosby's favorite team growing up and the team closest to home. If he were to sign with them, he would likely play there for a year and then retire close to home.

The other team mentioned is the Colorado Avalanche because of Nathan MacKinnon. MacKinnon and Crosby both grew up in the same area and took similar paths to the NHL. The two have a lot in common and if Colorado does not fall off as a playoff contender, we could see Crosby line up with MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen, and Cale Makar.

All in all, it will be a while till we see Crosby anywhere else but the chance he leaves Pittsburgh will be at the back of the public's mind until he signs a new contract with the Penguins.
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Insider Reveals Two Teams Sidney Crosby May Leave Pittsburgh For

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