Former NHL Scout Takes Aim at Matvei Michkov in Angry Rant

Published August 21, 2023 at 10:15

Matvei Michkov, at merely 18, was one of the key names being thrown around leading up to the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. His talent was undeniably promising, leaving the ice hockey world in suspense about his draft slot.

The Buzz Around Michkov's Draft


The real suspense wasn't about whether Michkov would get drafted, but more about his position.

The results were clear: he was chosen as the 7th overall pick in the first round by the Philadelphia Flyers. Such a significant pick for the Russian youngster signals the Flyers' faith in Michkov's potential.

A Divided Opinion

Yet, the consensus isn't universal. While many are excited about Michkov's future, some hold reservations. One such voice of dissent comes from Grant McCagg, an ex-scout for the Canadiens. Speaking on "The Sick" Podcast, he expressed skepticism:

"I honestly think he could be the next Yakupov, He doesn't blow me away... he's not super fast, he's not big, I wouldn't call him a gritty player. He's gonna have problems dealing with the NHL, in the playoffs especially"

Despite ranking Michkov relatively high on his mock draft lists, McCagg hinted that Michkov might not rise to the occasion during crucial moments, like playoffs. He further stressed his point:

"The teams didn't just pass on him because they had character concerns," said McCagg. "I've talked to alot of scouts."

Regardless of the varying viewpoints, it's undeniable that Michkov, still in his teens, has ample opportunities ahead to shape and hone his skills, both on and off the rink.

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Former NHL Scout Takes Aim at Matvei Michkov in Angry Rant

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