Expert Makes a Shocking Prediction for Controversial Canadiens Prospect Logan Mailloux

Published September 28, 2023 at 3:31 PM

Logan Mailloux's Future With The Montreal Canadiens


One of the standout prospects we're keeping a close eye on during the Montreal Canadiens' 2023 training camp is the young talent, Logan Mailloux.

He's undeniably gifted, exhibits dynamic offensive talents on the ice, and showcases immense potential, treating us to some breathtaking moments.

The burning question on many minds is whether Mailloux can kickstart the 2023 season as a Montreal Canadien. Already?

Numerous journalists, among them Jean-Charles Lajoie, firmly believe it's probable.

Lajoie is convinced that Mailloux should unquestionably commence the season with the big league team, even if it means displacing someone like Justin Barron, who boasts more NHL experience.

"Logan Mailloux is making just as big an impact in this camp as Kaiden Guhle did a year ago. No more, no less. He's physically mature as well. Why should we send him to Laval for two years when last year, we all wanted Guhle right here with the CH? Mailloux should be ahead of Barron!"

Jean-Charles Lajoie

An interesting statement for sure, do you think he could take a spot from Barron, Harris, or Kovacevic?

While it's true that Mailloux has displayed some serious potential, considering his limited recent game time, a stint with the Laval Rocket could also serve him well. (though we're eagerly anticipating his presence in Montreal for the regular season)

So, in your opinion, where should he kick off the season?

Mailloux, at 20 years old, standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 210 pounds, had an impressive run last season, scoring 53 points in 59 games with the London Knights, including 25 goals.

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Expert Makes a Shocking Prediction for Controversial Canadiens Prospect Logan Mailloux

Will Logan Mailloux make the Canadiens for the start of the regular season?

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