Auston Matthews Makes a Shocking Statement On Connor Bedard

Published September 28, 2023 at 0:10

The Hockey world is well aware of Auston Matthews's talent level. That talent was on full display from the second he played in the NHL.

Matthews's Dramatic Entrance To The NHL Won't Be Forgotten

Few could forget Matthews dramatic beginning to his career in which he scored four goals against the Senators on that fateful night in 2016. The Leafs ended up losing that game in dramatic fashion but that was the beginning of a new era in Toronto.

Matthews was the first player in NHL history to score four goals in his first career game. Earlier today, before a preseason matchup against the Buffalo Sabres, Matthews spoke with the media, and addressed one question about the next potential face of the league, Connor Bedard.

"Can Connor Bedard Score four goals in his NHL debut?"

"I'm sure he can get six"

Matthews may have been joking, but would anyone actually be that surprised if Bedard pulled off something like that?

Will Connor Bedard Live Up To The Hype?

Connor Bedard already has a reputation as a once in a generation type player. He has had a lasting impression on NHL veterans who've skated with him, earning complements on his extraordinary skill, work ethic, and intelligence. Receiving such praise from NHL vets as a rookie is truly a testament to how good he is.

Bedard wants to be his own player. While many have and will continue to compare him to other great players, he wants to create his own identity. While incorporates elements of other players games, such as a Matthews-style wrist shot, he is absolutely a unique player with his own unique style. If Matthews genuinely believes he can score 6 in his debut, who are we to question it?

As Read On Maple Leafs Insider - "Auston Matthews provides an insane prediction for Connor Bedard's NHL debut"
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Auston Matthews Makes a Shocking Statement On Connor Bedard

How many goals will Bedard score this year?

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