Evander Kane Leaves Diversity Alliance For Shocking Reason

Published July 14, 2023 at 7:20 PM

Evander Kane had seemingly put his troubled past behind him, but a new statement might have opened a whole new case of issues. This time though, the problems are arising from Kane's involvement with the Hockey Diversity Alliance (HDA).

Kane Releases Statement on HDA

Evander Kane, who is a founding member of the HDA, released a statement this afternoon regarding his affiliation with the organization.

After careful consideration, I will be stepping away from the Hockey Diversity Alliance (HDA). Diversity within the sport of hockey is something I have been passionate about since entering the NHL in 2009. Three years ago, along with fellow founders, the Hockey Diversity Alliance was formed with its primary purpose to rid the game we all love of racism and inspire a new diverse generation of players and fans.

Over the course of our respective careers, each of my fellow alliance members have endured multiple forms of racism, and it was our initial goal to shed light on these experiences. In its early days, the impact and role of the HDA was significant. Unfortunately, my greatest concerns about our organization have come to fruition and the HDA is now being led and influenced by members with individual agendas. There has also been a combative approach with other organizations and groups that have embarked on similar goals. This is a method I do not support.

As difficult and disappointing as this decision is today, I will continue to do my part in helping to grow the game of hockey for players of color. I hope to bring people together in a positive way to create a better future for the next generation of young hockey players.

Evander Kane

It looks like something has occurred within the HDA that swayed Kane towards leaving the organization. What it is we have no clue at this time, but you're open to speculation.

Player Inclusion Coalition

Some fans are beginning to wonder if Kane's statement had anything to do with the HDA's recent decision to denounce the NHL's newly founded Player Inclusion Coalition. Just last week, the HDA put out a statement denouncing the NHL for creating its own coalition despite the HDA's numerous attempts to work directly with the NHL.

While the two incidents may not be related at all, there's not much else we can tie to Kane's departure. We hope that all is well for Kane and that the two sides can reconvene at some point in the future.

As Seen on Hockey Feed - Kane leaves Hockey Diversity Alliance, blames 'individual agenda' and 'combative approach'
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Evander Kane Leaves Diversity Alliance For Shocking Reason

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