Details of a Failed All-Canadian Blockbuster Trade Revealed

Published July 22, 2023 at 1:50 PM

Anderson's Still in Montreal

Josh Anderson has generated a lot of interest on the trade market. Why? He's big, strong, fast, and a good leader. Since he's been in Montreal, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding him, but two years later, he's still there.


Anderson is extremely valuable in Montreal, and Hughes won't trade him unless the return is more than interesting.

However, he almost got traded last summer.

He Almost Got Traded

Back in August, the Habs and the Flames reached a deal, trading Sean Monahan and a first-round pick for future considerations.

Originally, it was supposed to be Anderson instead of future considerations. But the arrival of Nazem Kadri in Calgary changed everything. The Flames needed cap space, and they ended up giving away Monahan to sign Kadri.

This ended up being an amazing move by Hughes, who got a first-round pick and Monahan for free instead of giving Anderson for the package.

"From my understanding the original deal with Montreal was supposed to be Monahan, a 1st and an extra piece for Josh Anderson, but Nazem Kadri decided to become a Flame so it ended up being a cap dump."

As seen on Habs Fanatics - Trade Concluded Between the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames: We have just Learned that Anderson could have been Included
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Details of a Failed All-Canadian Blockbuster Trade Revealed

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