Four Teams Have Officially Spoken to Erik Karlsson for a Trade

Published July 22, 2023 at 11:35

There has been a massive development for Erik Karlsson and which NHL team he wants to be traded to.

Karlsson Development

Recently, Erik Karlsson won a major award in his home nation of Sweden. He won the Golden Puck which is awarded to the best Swedish hockey player.


While in Sweden he provided a massive update to the public by revealing which NHL teams he has talked to for a potential trade destination.

Karlsson Reveals Four Landing Spots

"I just want the best chance to get to the best team."

These are four teams who have been massively linked to Karlsson. Pittsburgh seems like the clear favorite at the moment with Carolina closely behind. However, you cannot count out Seattle or Toronto, or anywhere else as Karlsson is the premier trade piece on the market.

It is not every day that a 100-point defenseman is available for trade so whichever team does decide to pull the trigger on Karlsson will need to give up an arm and a leg to do so.

As read on Hockey Over The Boards - Karlsson reveals the four nhl teams he's had talks with
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Four Teams Have Officially Spoken to Erik Karlsson for a Trade

Of these four teams, which will land Karlsson?

Pittsburgh4147.1 %
Carolina2225.3 %
Seattle1011.5 %
Toronto1416.1 %
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