Crazy Scene Goes Down as Player Breaks Referee's Arm

Published November 19, 2023 at 10:08 PM
A wild scene happened in a Swedish Hockey League that saw a player break a referee's arm, claiming it was an accident.

Player Breaks Referee's Arm and Says It Was Accidental

During a game today in Sweden's HockeyTrean, the 5th tier of Swedish Hockey, a player struck a referee when he was not looking. This resulted in the referee breaking his arm, and lying injured on the ice for several minutes.

Rare situation that resulted in nothing but an injured referee. What do we think about it?

In the video, a player dumps the puck in but bails out of the corner, and as the defensemen pivoted to go after the puck, he lays a massive hit on the referee. The hit looks pretty intentional from the video, however, there is some plausibility to the claim that he didn't intentionally hit the ref, and thought it was the player.

Player Responds to Claims it Was Intentional By Saying the Referee Was In The Way The Entire Game

The player responded to the media after the game, saying that it was an accident that he hit the referee. However, he does go on to say that the referee was in the way the entire game and that he had to follow through on the hit as he thought it was the opposing player.

"It's the final of the series and everyone is excited out there, especially me, who likes to play physically. The referee gets in the way, as he did the whole game. I had to stop their player and then the referee got in the way. Then he had to take the hit even though it was not the intention, of course."

Vita hästen player Casper Gilberg brakes the referee's arm with a hit in the swedish 5th division.
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Hopefully, the referee will make a speedy recovery and will continue to referee games in the future, as hockey is in dire need of their services.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Player breaks a referee's arm and claims It aas an accident"
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Crazy Scene Goes Down as Player Breaks Referee's Arm

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