Connor Bedard Snaps at Reporter During Media Scrum

Published September 29, 2023 at 11:37 PM

Hockey traditions are plentiful in the NHL, like the infamous 'rookie lap' or the unspoken agreement not to punch a player after they fall during a fight, to name a few.

When this tradition was broken by a reporter in the Hawks dressing room yesterday, Connor Bedard showed his disappointment.

Bedard Upset at Reporter Breaking Hockey Traditions in Locker Room

In a recent video, Connor Bedard can be seen showing his disappointment towards a reporter during their media scrum in the locker room after they stepped on the logo out of frame. Bedard can be seen shaking his head and giving a smack of his lips in response to the incident.

Someone walked on the #Blackhawks logo in the locker room and Connor Bedard was none too pleased

Other reporters weren't so reserved in their comments on the action.

"Donuts or 100 pushups tomorrow. The F*** is that"

Bedard Cares About Hockey and is Winning the Hearts of Fans and Teammates

The hype surrounding Bedard before camp was massive, and he has lived up to it so far. His love for hockey is contagious, and he has been quickly winning over the hearts of Hawks fans and his own teammates.

«i like hockey» - Connor Bedard

«Connor was extremely upset he lost today, which I love. I was looking at him, he's kind of pouting over there.»

—Nick Foligno on Connor Bedard after today's scrimmage, which Bedard's Team Red lost 6-3

Connor Bedard highlight package from his NHL preseason opener. Special player. #Blackhawks

As Seen on Hawks Insider - "Bedard Gets Furious When a Reporter Breaks a Team Tradition"
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Connor Bedard Snaps at Reporter During Media Scrum

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