Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender and his family receiving DEATH THREATS during last game

Published October 29, 2022 at 10:27 PM

Elvis Merzlikins has been a goaltender for the Columbus Blue Jackets for awhile now, but it has not been a good start for him this year.

Currently his record is: 2-3-0 with a 4.31 GAA and .863 SV%, which is far below his average numbers.

During the last game, Merzlikins family was in attendance, and apparently fans were chanting some very rude and ignorant remarks at them. His wife Alexandra took to her Instagram story today to share this:

Okay quys that's enough...
yesterday night I heard ''you, your kid and your husband should die''
"you and your husband are trash" while at the same time when he plays good it's "you guys are amazing" "we love you" "can we get a picture". touching my son, screaming his name (he's one year old, and thanks to all of this he will not be coming with me to games anymore to see his dad because honestly I'm scared of him being there. Good job)
Today I'm reading that I'm blocking fans and that my husband has mental issues...sorry that you need 5 minutes of fame but I didn't block you and if u think hard about why my husband did probably you will figure it out..."to every action there is a reaction remember that".
l have one thing to say. Enough with the trashing, enough with the pointing fingers, enough with the hoping something bad happens or wishing someones death, quick reminder we had a tragedy happen last year so think about it twice before you say something....
Now or you are in it for the good and the bad or you're out. But most of all never touch our family and personal life again because what you see is 1/4 of whatever is going on, remember we decide what you see. What happens on ice should stay on ice and not be part of our personal life outside.
FYI my husband does not have mental issues. But keep trashing until you unleash a beast. Happy Halloween to everyone

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Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender and his family receiving DEATH THREATS during last game

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