Carter Hart Removes All Links To Flyers On Social Media

Published September 7, 2023 at 10:46 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers and Carter Hart have had a turbulent offseason. Hart and the Flyers have been rumored to be going their separate ways for months. They traded for Cal Peterson this offseason further intensifying rumors. Now Jart has decided to sever all links with the Flyers.

Hart Goes Private

According to a new post on X one user noticed that Carter Hart's Instagram is now private. He has also cut out all references to the Philadelphia Flyers in his profile.

Carter Hart has gone private on Instagram and has also taken «Flyers» out of his bio.

This could mean a lot of different things but it is definitely interesting to say the least.

As mentioned in the post this could mean a lot of different things. Some athletes do this on a regular basis as a part of their routine. However, with all of the things that have happened between the two sides, there's likely more than just routine maintenance behind this.

Will Hart Be Traded?

With all of these rumors and problems between the two sides, a trade seems more likely by the day. To this point, Hart has been a good starter who has had bumps in the road while developing. He is still just 25 years old at this point with plenty of seasons left in front of him.

A trade could be delayed due to the investigation into the 2018 Canadian World Junior Team. Hart of course was a part of this team and could face discipline based on what the final findings reveal.

As the NHL season begins it will be interesting to see this scenario play out. Heading into training camp all eyes will be on Hart and what he does.
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Carter Hart Removes All Links To Flyers On Social Media

Will Carter Hart play for the Philadelphia Flyers again?

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