Carey Price owes you nothing Jack Todd

Published November 7, 2021 at 1:15 PM

Jack Todd is a polarizing figure on his best day and outright detestable on his worse and unfortunately today was the latter. As everyone probably knows by now Carey Price is set to return to the Canadiens on Monday from the NHL Players Assistance Program and for some reason Todd feels he and fans are owed answers.

Before I go any further:


I didn't think this would need to be said but alas here we are.

At first Todd's comments appear more probing than anything else and although I disagree with the sentiment he has every right to wonder as to whether Price is going to provide answers or not. But here's where it takes a turn.

Suddenly Jack feels an explanation is necessary because of the disastrous start the Habs have had, which is a ridiculous statement.

When it comes to player's mental, physical or emotional health the game should be and will always be secondary. Carey Price will tell you that, Johnathan Drouin will tell you that and so will every player in the league.

So for anyone out there who needs to hear this, despite these players salaries, public stardom or endorsements, they still don't owe us anything.

Never forget that.
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