Edwards makes another idiotic comment

Published November 6, 2021 at 11:02 PM

Jack Edwards is known for being a homer, an asshole and many other negative things across other fan bases. I'll admit, I truly don't mind his homer calls and his Bruins support and I'll even go as far to say my favourite announcers are biased.

But Edwards has a knack for crossing the line and tonight was no different. During tonight's Bruins versus Maple Leafs game Jack decided to make a comment about Ondrej Kase's injury issues.

«Ondrej Kase... had more concussions than points with the Bruins»

There were many ways Jack could have gone about this, but this wasn't the appropriate way. When it comes to making light of head injuries there is never a good time to make that joke.

Nothing will come of this because it's Jack Edwards and his brand is crossing the line, but continuing to tolerate these sorts of comments is something the NHL shouldn't allow.
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