Canadiens Doctor Reveals Truth About Carey Price's Injury

Published November 9, 2023 at 11:56 PM
The Montreal Canadiens held a press conference questions and answers session with team doctor David Mulder today. The veteran doctor gave his opinion on a hot topic in the hockey world as well as addressing the injury that ended Carey Price's career.

Price Had Unknown Injury That Causes Him To Retire

Dr. Mulder was asked about Carey Price's injury very early in the press conference. His answer was fully transparent, revealing why the star goaltender had to retire prematurely.

"He had two injuries. He had an injury to the meniscus, which is the cartilage in the joint, and we sent him to New York. Dr. Marks operated on him, tidied up the meniscus, and during the operation, he discovered that the important part of the femur, the bone in your leg had lost all its cartilage. About the size of a 50-cent piece, and so that was a complete surprise to us. That's what really has ended his career."

Mulder and his colleagues knew about Price's Meniscus tear but they did not know about the cartilage problem. Once a joint loses cartilage it is impossible to get back. As a result, Price's injury seems to have been one in which a return to the NHL was never possible. Moments like these are a relic of the past now.

NHL Doctor Wants the League To Ban Fighting

Mulder was also asked about his thoughts on how the league has become more safe for the players, and how the league can continue to become a safer place. His thoughts might anger many hockey fans, but are generally widely accepted in sports medicine.

"The whole league is aware of a concussion and how serious it can be and so I think we've made progress in that regard [but] we're not there yet. I would like to see fighting removed from the game or changed drastically. Do you know what the purpose of a fight is? It's to produce a concussion. It's to produce a brain injury."

While players may not be intentionally thinking they're going to give their opponent brain damage by fighting them, studies continue to show that repeated blows to the head, such as those sustained in a hockey fight, lead to long-term brain injuries that are irreversible with our current knowledge and technology. The full press conference is about an hour long and can be viewed on the Canadiens X page or the embedded post below.

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Canadiens Doctor Reveals Truth About Carey Price's Injury

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