Canadian Team's Goalie To Be Moved In The Coming Weeks

Published November 4, 2023 at 3:07 PM
The Montreal Canadiens have been carrying three goalies since the beginning of the season. This situation has been not ideal and will likely need to change soon.

Canadiens Goalie Conundrum

The Montreal Canadiens have been carrying three goaltenders since opening night. Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault, and Cayden Primeau have all seen at least one appearance this season. Allen and Montembeault have played 5 and 4 games respectively while Primeau has played one.

The Canadiens need to get their goalies consistent games which creates an issue. All three would need to clear waivers to be sent to the AHL. None of them are likely to be able to get through without being claimed.

This means either one of the goalies needs to be traded or take the risk and put them through waivers.

A Trade Likely For Canadiens Goalie


The best-case scenario for the Canadiens is that they trade one of the goalies to another team for an asset. If they like all three goalies equally Montembeault will likely be the one to go. He is a free agent at the end of the season making him more expendable.

With Cayden Primeau's struggles at the NHL level in his career trading Montembeault might not be something that the Canadiens are comfortable with. This would then likely lead to Primeau either being traded or waived. With his struggles at the NHL level, Primeau would be the one with the best chance to clear waivers.

Whatever the Canadiens are going to do in the net they need to decide sooner rather than later. Keeping three goaltenders all season severely hinders being able to keep skaters fresh or giving certain players a night off to watch from up top.

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Canadian Team's Goalie To Be Moved In The Coming Weeks

Which goalie should the Canadiens try to trade?

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Samuel Montembeault49.1 %
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