Brock Boeser gets emotional in interview when reporter asks about his father

Published May 2, 2022 at 11:07
It was a very fustraiting year for the Vancouver Canucks who where hoping to make it to the playoffs this season but unfortunately after a bad start they couldn't recover.

Fans then started pointing fingers at the Star players on Vancouver, saying they didn't do enough. But I hope this story helps you realize NHL players are human too and they too go through things. This includes Vancouver Canucks star Brock Boeser, who was criticized for underachieving but Brock has been going through some very sad family health concerns.

Boeser has been fairly private about his father's health, but on Sunday during player exit interviews, he let the hockey world in on his family's battle. Though he didn't have to and quite personally I feel the reporter asking about his father just to try to get a quote for his Newspaper is wrong.

Boeser didn't have a good season statistically putting up 46 points in 71 games and when asked if the troubles at home took a toll on him, Boeser would say:

«Yeah, to say the least. It was really hard,»


Then, when asked if his father is doing okay, the 25-year-old winger started to get emotional and at first couldn't speak. A teammate that was at the media availability with Boeser stepped in to keep the interview moving along, but the Canucks winger decided to give an answer though he didn't have to again:

"He's not doing well, he has pretty bad dementia right now. It's onset. It's gotten pretty, pretty bad this year. It's really hitting me hard."

Boeser opened up about his father's health struggles back in 2020, and made it public that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.


Shortly after answering the question, Boeser had to leave the room.

Brock Boeser Vancouver Canucks teammate would step in the interview to say:

"We're gonna need Brock to be really good if we want to be good, I think it's important for him to go home to Minnesota and spend good quality time with his family and enjoy the summer and then come back ready to go. I think he'll do that. He's a motivated kid. And he'll be fine. He's gonna come back, he's gonna have a great year next year."
-Quinn Hughes


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Brock Boeser gets emotional in interview when reporter asks about his father

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