Brad Treliving Disses Core Four Player In Recent Press Conference

Published August 26, 2023 at 7:51 PM

Brad Treliving recently spoke to the media regarding Auston Matthews' contract extension and has subtly dissed a core four member.

Nylander's Contract Discussions

Recently, William Nylander has been under a microscope due to his contract negotiations. Coming off an 87-point year, Nylander is seeking a big pay raise but it seems like Brad Treliving and the Leafs are reluctant to reach his demands.

Recently, Nylander spoke on the topic and revealed he does not understand why there is such a rush to get the deal done.

Now, it seems like there is a bit of a divide after Brad Treliving fired a subtle shot at Nylander.

Treliving Disses Nylander

In Brad Treliving and Auston Matthews' press conference, the two discussed the new contract that Matthews signed. Treliving had a quote that seems to have some deeper messages.

"This got done because Auston decided he wanted to get it done." - Treliving

With Nylander sharing his nonchalant attitude about the issue, it really does seem like Treliving is sending a message to Nylander.

Now, the time is ticking for Nylander's next contract and we will have to see if the Leafs are able to sign him or if they will have to trade him, or if he will simply walk for nothing in free agency.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Brad Treliving Takes a shot at Nylander Over Contract Talks
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Brad Treliving Disses Core Four Player In Recent Press Conference

What will happen with Nylander?

The Leafs sign him4017.8 %
The Leafs trade him14464 %
Nylander walks in free agency4118.2 %
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