Bo Horvat Throws Shade at the Canucks Ahead of His Return

Published November 15, 2023 at 10:05 PM
The Canucks made an interesting move last season when they traded then captain Bo Horvat to the New York Islanders. So far the move has seemed to work out for the team but Horvat had some interesting things to say about his time in Vancouver.

Horvat Throws Shade At Vancouver Canucks Management

In an interview he did ahead of tonight's matchup between the Canucks and Islanders, Bo Horvat made a harsh statement about the Canucks organization, particularly the management and ownership.

‘It felt good to be wanted somewhere,' Bo Horvat says of leaving Vancouver and joining the Isles.

The former Canucks captain was quick to thank the fans for their support, despite his differences with the team's ownership group.

Horvat wants the fans to know how much he appreciated their support over the years in Vancouver.

Says he understands if people are mad at him. But hasn't run into any animosity so far.

‘When I walking the streets yesterday I didn't get beat up!'

It seems then that Horvat did not have any problems with the fans or his teammates, but he clearly felt unappreciated by those higher up in the organization. This does make last year's trade look a little more understandable.

Vancouver Canucks Better Off Without Horvat

The intention of the trade likely was not to get better immediately but it seems to have inadvertently worked out that way. The team is currently 2nd in the Pacific division with a remarkable 11-3-1 record. Only the Bruins and Golden Knights have more points outright and even then Vancouver has a game in hand on Vegas, which they will play tonight. A win in regulation would tie them with Vegas for 1st in the Pacific division.

Not many in the hockey world thought Vancouver would be a serious contender for 1st in the Pacific halfway through November. At this point is seems very likely that the team will at least make the playoffs, even if they do regress back to where they were projected to be for the rest of the season.

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Bo Horvat Throws Shade at the Canucks Ahead of His Return

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