BREAKING: VERY serious allegation just thrown at Ottawa Senators player

Published October 27, 2022 at 12:53

We are now almost a month into the season and the only player who was a Restricted Free Agent this offseason and has yet to have a contract is Ottawa Senators Alex Formenton.

Formenton was a second round pick for the Senators back in 2017, and had 18 goals and 32 points last year.

There has been speculation that Formenton was involved in the 2018 Hockey Canada scandal, as he is one of the only players who did not come out and publicly say he was not involved.

We just learned yesterday that Senators top line center Josh Norris will most likely be out for the season, so this would be the perfect time to agree to terms with Formenton to fill in on the top 6, right? Well, Senators reporter Shawn Simpson just threw some gas on that fire, stating this isn't a contract dispute at all, the reasoning he is unsigned:

Someone on Twitter commented on this thread, and by no means can we verify if this is true, but according to this unverified report:

Allegedly, Formenton has proof that high profile players presently under contract in the NHL are involved. In legal circles word is that Formenton will never be able to come back to the NHL. The "Big Boys Club" is still alive and kicking.

Formenton did not show up for training camp, and no one has heard a peep about him since last season.

We have no way of knowing if any of these allegations are true against Formenton, so we will all just have to wait and see the outcome.

Originally reported from: HOCKEYFEED.COM
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BREAKING: VERY serious allegation just thrown at Ottawa Senators player

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