BREAKING: Top University Team Banned for Shocking Crimes

Published September 14, 2023 at 11:28

A college hockey powerhouse has been banned by their university due to some shocking crimes.

University of Northern Colorado Banned

It was revealed that the University of North Colorado's hockey program has been banned due to hazing and underage drinking.

The University of Northern Colorado men's hockey team, who play in the ACHA, have been suspended for two seasons related to underage drinking and hazing.

(Please note that it is three seasons not two)

Hazing is one of the crimes that colleges take the most seriously as people have died due to hazing incidents causing a massive scandal. While some believe that the university is punishing them too harshly, it is clear that they have a zero-tolerance policy for hazing.

Captain Nick Sheridan commented on what the ban could mean for the program.

"If we do get the three-year suspension, I think the program is done"

The team is currently appealing the suspension but if it is not downgraded, the program could very well be done which would be rather disappointing for one of the best teams in college hockey.
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BREAKING: Top University Team Banned for Shocking Crimes

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