BREAKING: Positive update for Carey Price

Published March 6, 2022 at 11:41

It has now been officially 8 long months since we saw arguably the leagues best goaltender between the pipes for the Montreal Canadiens (last game on July 7th) and oh boy, have they suffered without him this season.

After clawing their way to the Stanley Cup finals last year, without their starting goaltender this season they have fallen to second last in the league this year, 1 point ahead of the Arizona Coyotes.

One positive thing we have just learned though is that Price has skated twice this week.

While this does not ensure he is returning to the lineup this season, it is a sign that things are moving in a positive direction for Price after many setbacks this season.

Price had so many setbacks this season that a reporter actually asked if there was a chance that he would never play again, which he responded with:

"You never know. There's always a possibility. There's a lot going on over the next couple of weeks that will determine the rest of my season"

But one thing we do know is that he is back skating and making progress which has to make Montreal Canadiens fans feel good.
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BREAKING: Positive update for Carey Price

Will Carey Price play again this season?

Yes9332.1 %
No16456.6 %
Only if they make the playoffs3311.4 %
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