BREAKING: NHL announces MAJOR rule change - Effective next season

Published September 7, 2022 at 12:51
One thing that is great about the NHL is they look to improve the game every year by making rule and game changes for the better. The league is always making changes in the offseason to adjust for situations that they have encountered in the season past, so they do not happen again in the future.

Yesterday the National Hockey League did just that and made a change to positively change next season.

The league made a change in the referee's going forward will be allowed to use video replay to completely get rid of a major penalty instead of just making it into a minor penalty.

According to the Twitter page 'Scouting the Refs' this is the new rule:

Rule 20.6 previously only allowed the officials to confirm the original major penalty call or downgrade it to a minor. They now have a third option to wipe it out completely.

Here's the updated rule, change in bold:

The Referee shall have the following options after video review of his own call: (i) confirming his original Major Penalty call; (ii) reducing his original Major Penalty call to a lesser penalty; or (iii) rescinding the original Major Penalty altogether.

The old rule also required the officials downgrade the penalty to a lesser penalty of the same infraction. That is no longer the case. A major boarding penalty could, after review, be downgraded to a minor for cross-checking.

This change does not apply to match penalty reviews.

Fans always complain if the referee does not get a call right, but they also complain if a call doesn't go in their teams favour. These minor changes will help get the game played right and the calls right.
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BREAKING: NHL announces MAJOR rule change - Effective next season

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