BREAKING: Blue Jackets CUT former 40 goal scorer - NHL career possibly OVER

Published October 3, 2022 at 4:19 PM

Each year when training camps begin we see veteran NHL players sign PTO's with teams to show that they can still be affective in the league and have a lot more still to give.

That was the case this year with James Neal, who signed a PTO with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Neal was originally drafted by the Stars back in 2005 and was a very talented player all the way up until his year with the Vegas Golden Knights. The best season Neal ever had was back in 2011-12 season when he scored 40 goals and 41 assists in 80 games while playing with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

After going to back to back Stanley Cup finals as a member of the Nashville Predators and Vegas Golden Knights, Neal signed a long-term deal with the Calgary Flames in the 2018 offseason, and the consistent 20 goal scorer has not been the same since.

He blames the Flames for ruining his career, stating that he signed with the Flames to play with Gaudreau, but was often played on the 4th line.

He somewhat rebounded after being traded to the Edmonton Oilers the following season, scoring 19 goals in 55 games, but we haven't seen Neal play all that much ever since.

Today the unfortunate news was released that the Columbus Blue Jackets have released James Neal from his PTO. At this point, it does not look like Neal will be getting another offer and could end up looking to retirement or playing overseas, unless he is open to an AHL contract.

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BREAKING: Blue Jackets CUT former 40 goal scorer - NHL career possibly OVER

Will Neal play in the NHL again?

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