BREAKING: Alex Galchenyuk Officially Sentenced

Published August 21, 2023 at 3:40 PM

Update on Galchenyuk's Legal Situation

Following an incident with the Arizona police, Alex Galchenyuk was arrested but was soon let go by the Arizona Coyotes. While the fate of his career remained uncertain, recent developments shed light on his situation.

Katie Strang of The Athletic has reported via Twitter that five of the charges against Galchenyuk have been dropped. However, he still has one outstanding misdemeanor threatening charge to which he has admitted guilt.

In a subsequent tweet, Strang shared that Galchenyuk received a 30-day jail sentence, 27 days of which have been suspended with one day already counted. Additionally, Galchenyuk is mandated to abstain from alcohol for a year and to enroll in an alcohol rehabilitation program.

Galchenyuk's Future in Hockey

Post-arrest, Alex Galchenyuk has momentarily distanced himself from hockey, giving priority to his mental wellbeing. Rumors suggest that several KHL teams are eyeing him. Once he settles his legal obligations, it will be intriguing to see if the world of professional hockey reopens its doors to him.
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BREAKING: Alex Galchenyuk Officially Sentenced

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