Attention-Seeking Fan Goes Viral After Harassing a Player

Published July 17, 2023 at 1:55 PM

A fan has gone viral after making up a situation and has faced backlash from many fan bases.

Devils Fan Goes Viral After Harassing Haula

In 2019, Erik Haula and his wife Kristen lost their unborn daughter. When the announcement was released, they received thousands of supportive messages.

Recently an anonymous fan went viral amassing over 50,000 views in under a day with a false accusation regarding Erik Haula's unborn daughter.


This person is bringing up a traumatic event for the Haula's and making up stories about it which is borderline harassment.

The Backlash

Fans from all over have commented about the situation and the blatant lie.

Fans from all over, especially Carolina, were supportive of Haula after said loss. The accuser has yet to provide any evidence regarding the accusations.

While Carolina traded Haula two months later, their support never waivered.

It is disappointing to see people creating false narratives to get internet points and bringing up a traumatic situation for the player at hand.
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Attention-Seeking Fan Goes Viral After Harassing a Player

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