Arizona Coyotes reveal their new JERSEY ad - It's HILARIOUS

Published September 8, 2022 at 12:45
For most of the offseason people have been making fun of the Arizona Coyotes because they will be sharing an arena for the next few seasons with the Arizona State University team, an arena that holds less than 5000 people.

The Arizona Coyotes were kicked out of their former arena in Gila River Arena due to delinquent tax bills and unpaid arena charges. This unfortunately forced them into the Arizona State rink.

While playing in an arena this small as a National Hockey League team is a bit embarrassing, you cannot argue the fact that if they pack this rink, it could be an awesome experience and there will literally not be a single bad seat in the house.

However, with all the teams this season starting to reveal jersey ads, the Arizona Coyotes jersey ad that was just revealed is not only surprising, but hilariously embarrassing.


Not only is the ad very ugly on the sacred jersey, but it's an ad for the company that just kicked them out of the arena!

Perhaps this is a way for the team to pay off some of the unpaid debts, but nonetheless, this is funny.

Credit: Hawksinsider
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Arizona Coyotes reveal their new JERSEY ad - It's HILARIOUS

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