Detroit Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat engaged in a fight with Norris Trophy winner Roman Josi.
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Alex DeBrincat Takes Down Norris Trophy Winner Roman Josi In A Wild Fight

Published December 30, 2023 at 0:42

Tonight tempers reached an all time high between the Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators. This led two unlikely stars to drop their gloves and go at it in a wild fight.

DeBrincat Takes Down Jose In A Wild Fight

Near the end of the second period in a high-scoring affair between the Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators, tempers flared between the two sides.

A shoving match broke out between several players on the ice. As the referees were breaking players up Alex DeBrincat and Roman Josi decided to take out their frustrations on one another.

Alex DeBrincat drops the gloves & takes down Roman Josi. I'm not kidding. #LGRW

Despite not having his helmet during the fight Alex DeBrincat went in with a fearless attitude and was firing punches. He took down Josi in a matter of moments before referees came in to break the two up.

Red Wings Come Out On Top In Crazy Game

At the time of the fight between the two stars, the score was 3-2 Nashville. In the third period, 3 goals were scored in total. Two by the Detroit Red Wings and another by Nashville. This led to a tie game heading into overtime.

In overtime, the Detroit Red Wings would secure the victory with a goal from Lucas Raymond.

For a game between two teams in opposite conferences, this game had the unpredictability and intensity of a playoff game at points. The Red Wings pull out the win and look to get back into the playoff race in the East.

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Alex DeBrincat Takes Down Norris Trophy Winner Roman Josi In A Wild Fight

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