Jumbotron showing a sign that says the direction to Utah behind an Arizona Coyotes fan.
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Blue Jackets get cancelled for tasteless actions towards the Coyotes

Published April 17, 2024 at 12:27

The Arizona Coyotes have been the blight of the NHL during the latter half of the season, and now this Blue Jackets fan may have taken things too far in making fun of the Coyotes franchise.

Fans chirping each other during a game is part of the fun in sports. Backing your favourite team against all else is what makes it so special when your team is actually successful. Unfortunately, though, it is also what makes it so much worse when your team is bad.

For Arizona Coyotes fans, it is most definitely the worst time to be a fan of the team. Not only are the Coyotes bad, falling to make the post-season this year, but they are also headed out of town after a drama-filled season with ownership unable to deliver on promises. This is the perfect fodder for opponents, and this Blue Jackets fan did just that with a sign that said the direction to Utah, as he held it over a Coyotes fan's head.

Extremely disrespectful.

Whether or not you think this is too far, that is for you to decide. In reality, it is truly sad to see a fan who won't have a team to cheer for in his city next season. That feels like the game is not growing as all hockey fans hope for. The other thing that has drawn some attention is the fact that the arena staff decided to put the sign up on the jumbotron, supporting the message.

However, the flip side of that coin is that a bunch of new fans in Utah will get to watch NHL hockey next season at their arena, and that feels like a win. We will see how ruthless their fans can be.
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Blue Jackets get cancelled for tasteless actions towards the Coyotes

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