Arizona Coyotes players saluting their fans after a game.
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Unbelievable prices for Coyotes final game have been revealed

Published April 14, 2024 at 9:52 PM

The Arizona Coyotes in recent days confirmed that they would be moving to Salt Lake City next season. As a result of the announcement, the Coyotes have just a couple of games left as a franchise in Arizona. Today prices have been revealed for their final home game at Mullett Arena.

The Arizona Coyotes are scheduled to say goodbye to the city of Arizona as they relocate to Salt Lake City. Their final game in Mullett Arena is scheduled for April 17th against the Edmonton Oilers. Despite the actions of owner Alex Meruelo fans are still eager to show up for the game. The prices for a ticket into the game are hovering around `1,000 dollars.

Here are some fan updates on the last Coyotes game.

- Fans are organizing a whiteout. It's the Coyotes' playoff tradition where everyone wears white.

- With the high prices as of today (see photos) for tickets, fans are organizing a watch party outside.


Beyond the final game in Arizona, this is also when the team is expected to formally announce the move to the fans in the building.

BREAKING: The Coyotes relocation could officially be announced April 17th.

The game will be a strange phenomenon as fans say goodbye to a franchise they have loved for decades. Hopefully, for the fans in attendance, the Coyotes ownership group gives the team a proper send-off.

Source: Blade of Steel - Ticket prices for Coyotes' final game in Arizona reach insane level
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Unbelievable prices for Coyotes final game have been revealed

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