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Hockey Data Scientist predicts Auston Matthews career goal total

Published April 10, 2022 at 11:36 PM

You don't have to be a genius or even a Toronto Maple Leafs fan to realize how good Maple Leafs Star Auston Matthews is.

From the moment he put on the blue and white jersey you knew he was special. Scroing 4 goal in his NHL Debut.

Matthews just broke the Leafs most goals in a season record that was held by Rick Vaive for 40 years. Matthews also just got his 400th point as a Maple Leaf, but people are wondering how many goals will the 24 year-old Star have by the time his whole career is said and done.

Well there's a guy named Byron Bader and he's a hockey prospector who's been featured on TSN and Sportsnet previously and he uses special hockey science to predict players hockey futures and how many points they could probably finish their careers with.

According to Bader, Matthews is in line to produce at least 700 goals in his NHL career, stating that the 2016, 1st overall pick will be in the top-10 of the NHL's all-time scoring list - and that's on the conservative side of things. The fact of the matter is that if Matthews continues to improve, he's going to exceed that projection.

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Hockey Data Scientist predicts Auston Matthews career goal total

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